The only ASP.NET role based access control and data encryption component that gives you 100% control over how you use it.

MemberProtect.Net is for banking, healthcare, e-commerce and other secure web applications that require flexible, high-strength RBAC, user authentication, database encryption and role-based security.

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Do you want 100% control over the role based access control on your ASP.NET website? If you do, then you'll love MemberProtect.

Over 3,000 financial institutions rely on MemberProtect® for flexible role based access control (RBAC) security on banking websites. MemberProtect is designed for developers creating healthcare, bank, credit union and e-commerce web applications. MemberProtect is a .NET component that allows developers to easily integrate user authentication, role based access control and column-level database encryption into web applications ranging from multi-million dollar online banking systems to simple membership websites. Rather than lock you into predesigned authentication templates, instead MP's granular architecture provides you with all of the methods and properties you need to design and code virtually any authentication schema you'd like. 

MemberProtect is its own membership provider, so ASP.NET Membership & Roles is not needed since MemberProtect provides its own framework for managing roles, privileges and organizations. We provide a complete user, organization and role management web application, too.

MemberProtect supports .NET 2.0 and above and works with both web and Windows forms applications, using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008. It can scale from one to over one million users & organizations, capable of storing thousands of attributes about each user and organization. MemberProtect can optionally encrypt organization, user and application data at the column level inside your database.

MemberProtect provides role and privilege based application security to achieve granular access control. In addition to risk-based authentication (RBA), MP also supports logon restriction by IP address/range, password history retention and concurrent logon prevention. To support NCUA, FDIC and HIPAA security requirements, MemberProtect also logs virtually all actions that users perform on your website.

Due to encryption export restrictions, export and internationalization restrictions apply.

What do you get?

  • MemberProtect Installer
    • Database Setup Wizard
    • Membership Management Web App with Source
    • MemberProtect Tutorial Visual Studio Project
  • MemberProtect Programmers Reference
  • MemberProtect License

What's MemberProtect Like?

Watch this short cartoon depicting the difference between generic security and MemberProtect security: