Everything you need to be up and running in 15 minutes

You can start using MemberProtect without writing a single line of code. But hey, writing code is fun, so we give you ready-to-use ASP.NET pages and CSS files to mash up any way you want.

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What's Included with MemberProtect?

We’ve made it easy to get up and running with MemberProtect with a sweet installer that will create your database, setup your encryption keys and output a ready to run ASP.NET web application for managing users, organizations, roles and settings. We even provide the Visual Studio 2008 solution and project files! How you use the code we provide, or even if you use it at all, is completely up to you.

Your installation package includes the following to get you up and running in under five minutes:

  • MemberProtect GUI-based Installer
  • MemberProtect Database Creator for SQL Server included in installer
  • MemberProtect License
  • MemberProtect Getting Started Guide

In addition, we also include a complete tutorial with sample source code that includes:

  • User loging
  • Managing users
  • Manage organizations
  • Manage roles & privileges
  • Risk-based Authentication
  • Using encryption/cryptography
  • Creating & managing user and organization profiles
  • Sending SMTP Email
  • Leveraging MemberProtect's Data Access module
  • MemberProtect Utility Functions for Developers

What makes MemberProtect unique?

MemberProtect was one of the first web application authentication and security products built specifically for credit union, bank, financial services websites. For nearly 10 years, I.T. security auditors have reviewed, tested and dissected MemberProtect and consistently hail it as one of the most versatile, secure platforms they've seen for building user authentication and profile management systems for bank, credit union and e-commerce websites.


MemberProtect gives you, the developer, granular control in how you use its methods and properties to build your authentication system. From simple username & password combinations, to full risk-based authentication (RBA), which includes limiting users by IP address, you can put it all together in any manner you want.

User Profiles

Personalization through extensive use of user profile data is the key to many successful banking websites. MP allows you to store as many profile attributes as your heart desires (literally thousands) in a normalized database schema that reduces query bottlenecks that many other security applications suffer from. MP also allows you to encrypt profile attributes on column-level bassis, so you could encrypt your social security and account number profile attributes, while leaving last name and email address in plain text.

Role & Privilege Based Security

We built MemberProtect to allow developers crazy versatility in their application security model. MP uses a role & privilege based model. Basically, you create privileges, using any name you want and as many as you want, and then assign those privileges to the roles you (or your application administrators) create. MP supplies all of the methods and properties you need in a granular manner, so you can give your end users as much control over managing their roles & privileges as you'd like, or you can control it all within your application and RDBMS if you want to own the empire.


Asking if auditors love logs is like asking if dogs like treats. We predict that your auditors will start sending you chocolates on Valentine's day because MemberProtect logs everything. From password changes to privilege use, MemberProtect is logging it all behind the scenes into a SQL database. MP provides a full audit trail for everything a user does, even non-authenticated users.

Rock Solid Documentation

We give you solid documentation on all modules and methods. Too often developers make a whiz-bang stuff product, but don't document it so your left to fend for yourself, pull your hair out and scour the web trying to peace together the info to get up and running. We've been there, and we promise not to put you through that with MemberProtect.

We also made sure that MP provides full Intellisense support inside Visual Studio. We also use MP in our own development projects, so we've paid attention to the small details that make coding with MP easy as apple pie.

More Features

  • Supports both Web Applications and standard Windows Applications (it is not dependant on any specific application architecture)
  • Requires .NET Framework 2.0 or greater
  • Built-in support for custom User and Organization information
  • Fine grain encryption options for User and Organization information
  • Built-in support for encryption/decryption and hashing functionality
  • Built-in support for SMTP email
  • Optional MemberProtect Dashboard application for running database maintenance, file imports or other scheduled application level activities common in the banking and healthcare industries
  • Contains example website and code developed using MemberProtect ready for custom development